What’s in your pillow?

What’s in your pillow?

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What is Down?
Down, Feathers, and Fill Power

  • Down is nature’s best insulator. It is a cluster of natural filaments found on the breast of a duck or goose.
  • The hundreds of soft filaments radiating in all directions from a central point allow the cluster to trap air, creating insulating warmth and loft.
  • In comforters, down provides irresistibly cozy, yet lightweight comfort throughout the year.
  • In pillows, down provides exceptional comfort and wonderfully soft support.
  • Pacific Coast® down is machine washable and even fluffs back up in the dryer.

What are Feathers?

    • Feathers, found on the back and wings of a duck or goose, have a hollow quill shaft with soft radiating filaments.
    • In pillows and feather beds this curly central shaft provides naturally durable, essential support for the sleeper.
    • Pacific Coast® feathers are machine washable and dryable.

Fill Power – A Unique Down Measurement

    • Fill power measures down’s ability to loft and insulate. It is a measurement unique to down and recognized by the International Down and Feather Bureau as the amount of cubic inches one ounce of down will occupy.
    • For example, one ounce of down from a 550 fill power comforter is enough to fill 550 cubic inches of volume.
    • The higher the fill power, the greater the space one ounce of down will fill to create a better loft effect.